Roosebeck Renaissance Lutes, Guitars & Baroque Ukulele Sale.

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Roosebeck Renaissance Lutes offer authentic design and quality sound at an affordable price. From 6 to 8 course Lutes, Travel Lutes, Lute Ukuleles, and the Guitar Lute, Roosebeck instruments feature a soundboard and body constructed of quality woods and refined craftsmanship. Bowl-back Renaissance and Baroque instruments have a rounded, bowl-shaped back, which gives them a distinct look and sound compared to the standard flat or slightly arched back.

The bowl-back design results in a warmer, somewhat mellower tone compared to the brighter sound of flat-backed instruments. The bowl-back construction also allows for more resonance and projection, making them suitable for different playing styles, and appreciated for their unique aesthetic and sound characteristics.

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Roosebeck Baroque Tenor Lute Ukulele, (Variegated, Sheesham & Lacewood)Roosebeck Baroque Tenor Lute Ukulele, bowl back variegated Sheesham & Lacewood
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Roosebeck Tenor Lute Ukelele, Lute-Kulele, Walnut (Variegated Bowl Back, Nylon Gig Bag, Extra String Set) Roosebeck LUTE-KULELE, Tenor, Variegated, Walnut
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Roosebeck Baritone Baroque Ukulele (Bowl Back, Friction Tuners, Padded Nylon Case)Roosebeck Baritone Baroqulele
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Roosebeck 7-Course Travel LuteRoosebeck 7-Course Travel Lute
Save $225.95
Roosebeck 8-Course Travel Lute, SheeshamRoosebeck 8-Course Travel Lute, Sheesham. Staves, Back Bowl Body.
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Roosebeck 7 Course Descant (Sheesham & Lacewood, Extra String Set, Nylon Gig Bag)Roosebeck Descant Lute, 7-Course, Nylon Gig Bag
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Roosebeck 4 Course Renaissance Guitar (Maple, Ebony, Lacewood, Spruce, Padded Nylon CaseRoosebeck 4 Course Renaissance Guitar Variegated flat back, Ebony, Lacewood. Padded Nylon Case
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Roosebeck Lute-Guitar (6 String, Variegated Bowl Back, Geared Tuners) Padded Nylon Gig BagRoosebeck Lute-Guitar, 6 String, Variegated, Geared Tuners. Front view.
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Roosebeck 6 Course LuteRoosebeck 6-Course Lute, Sheesham & Canadian Spruce
Save $402.95
Roosebeck Deluxe 6-Course Lute (Walnut, Padded Gig Bag, Extra String Set)Roosebeck Deluxe 6-Course Lute, Walnut & Canadian Spruce
Save $309.05
roosebeck 7 course luteRoosebeck Deluxe 7-Course Lute, Canadian Spruce
Save $319.05
Roosebeck Deluxe 7-Course Renaissance Lute (Walnut & Canadian Spruce, Padded Gig Bag, Extra String Set)Roosebeck Deluxe 7-Course Lute, Walnut & Canadian Spruce
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Roosebeck 8 Course Lute Canadian Spruce, bowl back with wider Sheesham staves.Roosebeck 8-Course Lute, Canadian Spruce
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Roosebeck Deluxe 8-Course Lute, Padded Nylon CaseRoosebeck Deluxe 8-Course Lute, Padded Nylon Case
Save $385.95
Roosebeck Deluxe 8-Course Lute, Canadian Spruce