Roosebeck Lute Ukulele & Baroque Ukulele Sale.

Baroque & Lute Ukuleles

The Roosebeck Baroque ukulele design is based on the round-back guitar found in Germany. These unique Baroque 16th & 17th century inspired Ukuleles come graced with its own unique rosette design. The Lute-kulele, or Lute Ukulele also by Roosebeck, is ideally suited for classical and fingerstyle music. It's design is based upon the Renaissance Lute which was prevalent in Europe in the 16th and 17th century. Bowl-back ukuleles have a rounded, bowl-shaped back, which gives them a distinct look and sound compared to the standard ukuleles with a flat or slightly arched back.

The bowl-back design results in a warmer, somewhat mellower tone compared to the brighter sound of flat-backed ukuleles. The bowl-back construction also allows for more resonance and projection, making them suitable for different playing styles, and appreciated for their unique aesthetic and sound characteristics. Shop lower sale pricing with fast, free shipping.


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